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A Citizen's Constitutional Workshop

What the Founders and the State Ratification Conventions Can Teach Us Today

By Dr. Michael Sanera

Director of Research and Local Government Studies- The John Locke Foundation

August 07, 2010

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Workshop presentations: North Carolina's Role in a Limited Revolution, Defenders of Liberty, Is The Constitution Dead and Buried?, Who Destroyed the Constitution and How Do We Re-establish it?.

This workshop provides today's Patriots with the intellectual tools to restore original intent and repair the damage done. It explains what the framers meant by phrases such as the "general welfare," "necessary and proper" and other so called "elastic" clauses. In addition we explore the NC ratification debates and reveal how the Tar Heel State ensured that a Bill of Rights was added. By examining the important role of the states in the nation's beginning and providing constitutional commentary based on the founder's words, this workshop is a must for Americans interested in preserving the United States and a federal form of government.

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