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THE COMING AGE OF POST-HIPPOCRATIC MEDICINE: What History Teaches Us About the Future of American Healthcare

By Dr. C.L. Gray

Founder and President

March 09, 2009

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Dr. C. L. Gray is a Board certified physician practicing hospital medicine and critical care in western North Carolina. In 2006 he founded
Physicians for Reform, a national healthcare reform non-profit dedicated to preserving patient-centered healthcare. Gray’s current book, The Battle for America’s Soul, resulted from a decade spent in research and analysis of the history and philosophy of medical ethics. This book presents findings that link America’s present cultural divide with the practice of Post-Hippocratic medicine.

Gray served as Chief Medical Resident at Bassett Healthcare, Columbia University where he received the E. Donnall Thomas Award, an award presented annually for exceptional research. Gray received his medical training at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he served as president of the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS) and honorary member of the CMDS Graduate Board of Ethics.

Gray earned his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Minnesota in Electrical Engineering/Life Sciences /Officer Training. His undergraduate research led to six patent disclosures in the area of fiber optics, robotics, and data acquisition. As an undergraduate he was recognized with numerous Air Force ROTC awards for academic excellence.

Gray’s interests include medical ethics, politics, philosophy, medical missions, and writing. Since 1998, he has completed ten international medical mission trips. Gray has two scientific publications to his credit and has authored two books.

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