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APEE Offers Conference Grants

January 20, 2006

Dear APEE Members:

APEE has received a $15,000 grant from the Earhart Foundation to help young faculty and graduate students attend our annual meeting April 2-4, 2006 in Las Vegas. The primary purpose of this grant is to bring in new young people to APEE, especially those who might become members in the future. For successful applicants, we can offer a waiver of the registration fee ($330) plus a travel stipend of up to $600. If you are aware of young faculty members or graduate students who would be candidates for this assistance, please pass the information on to them.

In order to apply, applicants must supply us with the following: (1) a short essay (250-300 words) explaining why the applicant wishes to attend the meeting; (2) a short letter of reference, preferably from an APEE member or someone known to APEE, indicating why support should be provided to the nominee and (3) a brief letter from the applicant's department chair or graduate director indicating the level of departmental support that the applicant can expect for this trip. Some of the applicants may be on the program and preference will be given to these applications.

Successful applicants will have their registration fees waived, and travel expenses (up to the amount specified by APEE) will be reimbursed by the Association's Secretary Treasurer, J.R. Clark, at the conclusion of the meeting upon receipt of documentation.
Applications should be sent to, "James Gwartney” If you have questions, you may email me or call me at (850) 644-7645.

Please spend a minute or two and think of highly qualified candidates and then pass the application information on to them. Feel free to refer applicants wanting more information about the Association to the APEE Web site. The deadline for applying is February 8. Those selected will be notified within two weeks of that date. Thanks for your help on this matter.


Jim Gwartney

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