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About The Faculty Affiliate Network

The Faculty Affiliate Network supports informal networking opportunities for faculty and student development through internships and educational opportunities. Affiliate scholars will have the opportunity to attend seminars, colloquia and faculty and guest events on campus as well as having a web outlet for their research and interests.

This scholars’ network will build on faculty interests and research within the classical liberal tradition. Possible disciplines include philosophy, English, journalism, political science, economics, business, history, geography, classical studies, modern languages and the natural sciences.

The Affiliate Network will serve faculty by informing others in the program about their activities and interests. Networking will provide a means for feedback and dialogue among classical liberal scholars. The Network will raise interest in courses, seminars and organizations that support research in this tradition. It will establish a resource base for individuals and organizations seeking research in their field and help scholars and their students connect to further opportunities.

The Faculty Affiliate Network will promote outside development opportunities by working with other organizations that share an interest in classical liberal studies and by fostering student clubs, reading groups and seminars at local campuses.